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ATX Review: The Loadout Room

Since the beginning of HeadBlade, some of our greatest supporters have been members of the military/armed forces.  We were of course very excited when the guys over at guns & gear site The Loadout Room wanted to do a review of the HeadBlade ATX!

Almost all soldiers have to shave every morning before getting to work. There is also quite a few who shave their heads with a typical Mach 3 or Fusion blade once in a while. Well gents, this is for you!

HeadBlade has designed a razor that will get your manhood through the roof! In fact, the new HeadBlade ATX looks like an ATV – isn’t that cool? It’s priced at $15 for the ATX and $12 for four HB4 Refill Blades. It is in the same price range as the others razors, but this one will make you feel like you are 6 and you are playing with your toys again! Though this time, your wife will agree!

Head over to The Loadout Room for the full review.