HeadBlade 101

The HeadBlade razor is based on the simple idea of making your finger the handle and using a car-like suspension for a nick-free shave. With the HeadBlade, your palm and fingers stay in contact with your scalp at all times, allowing you to shave by feel (helpful for the back of your head, no mirror required).

We know you will find shaving with a HeadBlade is faster, easier, and just-plain-better than a traditional stick razor.

How to Use Your HeadBlade


Once you put the HeadBlade on, ensure the ball (Moto) or the wheels of ATX are facing forward. Don't forget to use some HeadSlick shaving cream for the closest shave.


With the ball in the front, set the HeadBlade on your head. Test the suspension and pivoting head to ensure you get the right pressure and angle.


Pull the HeadBlade from back to front. Apply pressure comfortably to allow the blade to contour to your head. Also use your HeadBlade on your face and/or body.

Which HeadBlade should I buy?

If you are new to HeadBlade, we highly recommend the HeadBlade MOTO. The MOTO takes our patented suspension and fingertip control to a whole new level! The unique design of the MOTO allows the razor blade to pivot up and down (following the contour of the scalp) while the body can lean side to side, just like MOTO GP racer! 

The dual-active suspension MOTO Razor System uses the same HB4 Refill Blade Cartridges favored by ATX users! With the MOTO there’s no learning curve, so no worries if you’re switching over from a traditional razor handle. You can also use it to shave your face and body!