Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Being headquartered in Culver City (West Los Angeles) is pretty cool.  Our office is surrounded by art galleries, advertising agencies, movie studios and more.  Entourage films Ari’s office around the corner, Daniel Tosh (Tosh.0) shoots in the area, and Sony Studios is right down the road.  Here’s a quick photo tour of some of HeadBlade’s neighbors…

culver studios
Famous Culver City Studios, site of Tara mansion from Gone With The Wind

Hell’s Kitchen restaurant stage, taken yesterday a couple blocks from HeadBlade HQ

I’ve worked at HeadBlade for over a year, and had no idea about some of the surrounding businesses (I obviously need to get out more).  Across the street from Hell’s Kitchen is the flagship Ed Hardy Outlet store.  The customized golf cart lured me over… and the girls working the store got me inside to browse some rhinestone-studded trucker hats.

Ed Hardy’s 4-wheeler parked outside the official Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier Outlet Store

Within a few minutes of talking with the Ed Hardy ladies, we found out they have a thing for shaved heads.  Coincidence? I think not. A formal invite is in the mail for them to come tour HeadBlade HQ. We’ll try to get some video when they stop by. Until then… 

The beautiful ladies of the Ed Hardy Outlet Store, (from left to right) Kat Metzger, Penelope Ceja, and Nelly Pa.