HeadBlade Hangs Out With TruTV’s Operation Repo Crew

Our friends at Ram Truck Motorsports had a race recently in San Bernadino, CA.  We had to check out a live race while they were in town, so we packed up the HeadBlade Vehicross truck and headed for the dirt track at Glen Helen Raceway.

san bernadino headblade

While we were there, the Ram Truck team got an unexpected visit from the Operation Repo crew. The episode aired last night on truTV, and it was entertaining to say the least.  If you missed it, there was a mix-up with bank statements, so the Repo crew had to leave without seizing any vehicles.  Needless to say, tensions ran high and a little scuffle broke out.  But after the dust settled, Big Matt Burch, HeadBlade and all the bald heads from Ram Truck bonded and watched some of the races.  Check out the pics and video:


operation repo headblade 1


operation repo headblade 2


operation repo 3