HeadBlade Helmet Challenge

Compete against other HeadBladers in the first annual HeadBlade Helmet Challenge!  Here’s the deal:

– Every week, pick one team to win (up to 5 minutes before the first game that week) 
– Once you pick a team, you cannot pick that team again 
– Double elimination 
– Overall winner at the end of the season will receive*: 
  • HeadBlade Pre-Game Kit 
  • Throwback HeadBlade helmet 
  • Black/Yellow HeadBlade messenger bag 

– Second place will receive:

  • Long-sleeved HeadBlade Football T-shirt
  • Rubber HeadBlade keychain
*In event of a tie, we will honor up to two winners. If more than two winners, we will do a random drawing for the final two winners.


In order to enter the Challenge, just go to Survival Football, and click the "Join a Group" button. From there, enter the following information…
Group ID#: 14880
Password: shaveyourhead

headblade helmet challenge