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HeadBlade Overwhelmed By Orders For Fake Shaving Helmet

The Shaving Helmet is not real, but those yellow HeadBlade razors definitely are.

So, why did we do this?  To share some good clean fun and get people talking about head shaving. So, we enlisted viral marketing agency Thinkmodo to create an original idea to spark up conversation. In just a week, it became a global viral sensation… beyond anyone’s expectations.

    • “Who Knew the World Needed a Shaving Helmet” – GawkerTV
    • “Terrifying Shaving Helmet is a Skull-Scraping Hard-Hat” – Wired
    • “Shaving Helmet Creates Web Sensation” – Todayshow.com
    • “If only The Shaving Helmet were real” – CNET
    • “Shaving Helmet Gets You Bald In 20 Seconds, Doesn’t Kill You” – Huffington Post
    • “The Shaving Helmet will idiot-proof your crew cuts” – Geek.com
    • “Shaving Helmet Creates Stir” – FOX
    • “Head-shaving helmet nicks minutes off grooming regime” – Daily Mail, UK

CNN‘s Jeanne Moos revealed what really happened during a segment called ‘Shaving helmet hoax’ on Tuesday, February 15th.

Here’s the original ‘Shaving Helmet’ video, uploaded by “mattinbrooklyn”:

Would you buy it if it were real?