HeadBlade S4 Shark Overseas!

Well..To Start with, I’m living in Dubai and I’ve been shaving my head for the past 6 years using every shaving method available starting with the electric shaver, regular razor ending with the barber shops!
When I first saw this expressive invention in the internet I was sure that this has the best thing happened to humanity “The wheels”, shaped as a car! And used to shave the head!! …I mean this is too much on one little thing :)
Now when I got this masterpiece delivered overseas to me and I put my hands on it I can say ((THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR EVRY MAN ON THIS EARTH)) it rocks!

1. So easy to use
2. Saving time
3. Enjoyable
4. Does the job very well
5. Very nice and unique design
6.worth every dollar

At last I want to tell every shaved-head man who still have any doubt, STRAIGHT UP AND DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH OTHER BLADES

Name: Yahia