Letter To The President #1

"I’m sorry I can’t remember your name, but I saw the story on How I Made My Millions last night as I was getting ready for work. I wrote down the name of your product, and purchased the HeadBlade Sport when I got off. I’m not that into paying somebody $15 to shave my head, so I would personally like to say thank you, for you have made it possible for me to shave my head on my own.


As for the razor, it was so smooth that for the first time ever, I shaved against the grain. I am blown away by the simplicity of the idea, and the performance of a machine so simple. You sir, have made a customer for life. Also, if you are ever in the Central Florida area doing a benefit for St. Baldricks, I would more than gladly volunteer my time. 

Thank you,
Joshua B."

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