New Improved MOTO!

At HeadBlade we’re committed to making the best head shaving products in the world.  You may be surprised we’re such a small company (five people) and that we’ve invested millions of dollars to design, develop, and manufacture our products. Simply stated; HeadBlade is our passion.

Once we put a product into production we do not stop improving its design.  Like any large company we make running changes and improvements based on testing, consumer feedback, and our commitment to excellence.

The new, award-winning MOTO, which was introduced at the end of 2016 has been revamped and we’re proud to tell you of some of the improvements, and how to spot them.  All HeadBlades that have been shipped via our site since June, consist of these modifications.

If you bought one via Amazon or one of the many retail outlets we supply, you may have one from an early production run. Whether you wish to upgrade is up to you; we just want you to be aware of improvements since they may address comments/concerns you had about the original run of MOTO’s.  Like any car manufacturer, we continually improve our current products while developing the next generation.

Below are factory renderings that show the improvements, which include:

1) Strong finger-ring material and more of a ‘closed-loop’ design which ensures a snug fit on any size finger.


2) Extruded gills on the outside of the vents. This is to help facilitate holding the razor in a more conventional manner while face or body shaving.


3) Stronger center shaft which will prevent ‘axle-break.’  We have had some customers break their units while changing a blade or adaptor.  This weakening of the shaft may not be immediately noticed and may disengage from the body while shaving. The actual cause is stress from blade changing.  We made a quick video a few months ago to show proper blade change for the MOTO.



As always, we appreciate your support as we strive to make the best headshaving products available in the world.  Which MOTO do you have?  The easiest way is to look for the extruded gills on the side of the unit.  If you see/feel them, you have the newest model.  All LE’s have the modifications.

Thanks again for being part of the HeadBlade Team.  If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact Todd Greene, Owner and Founder of HeadBlade. “