Product Bulletin: HeadSlick

No company likes to post about an issue but we’ve been running HeadBlade transparently since 1999 and think the best way to keep our customer base is to tell you when we find an issue.

If you’ve been to the site you’ll notice that we are listing HeadSlick as “Out of Stock.” This is because our most recent batch was affected by improper cooling after production and, as a result, the usual creamy texture has given way to a more translucent viscosity with some visual white specs. We’ve taken the precautionary steps and have destroyed all remaining bottles from our 50,000 unit run. Unfortunately we did not find out about the issue until after some product had been released on the market. We are in production now on a new batch and hopefully it will be finished next week.

If you purchased a bottle from batch 19-0502 (number stamped on bottom of bottle) feel free to email us a photo of the lot number and, after we confirm your order, we’ll send you a replacement when we have stock.. The product is still good (you just have to shake the bottle up to get the proper consistency back), but we stand behind all of our products and always strive to get you the best head shaving products on the market.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers.