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Product Feature: HeadShed (Real Men Use Exfoliator)

Did you know that you shed 30-40 thousand skin cells an hour? That's right, folks. You're dropping almost a million little skin cells every day.  Over the course of a year you shed around 8 pounds of skin. We find this to be equal parts gross and fascinating. 8 pounds? I'm not even mad. That's amazing.

This is where HeadShed exfoliator (the fancy man's word for scrub) comes in. HeadShed has all kinds of good stuff in it like Shea Butter, Grape Seed Powder and Beeswax. The exfoliation comes from ground up Walnut shells, which feel like a fine sand on your head. This is much gentler on your head than most other exfoliators and doesn't pollute the environment like products that use plastic microbeads.  

When used before shaving, HeadShed does a couple great things. First, it helps get rid of all those dead skin cells which leaves your skin looking fresh and feeling soft. HeadShed also softens your hair, you'll notice the blade glides through the hair easier when shaving. Like butta! Shed also smells nice, like a fresh oatmeal cookie.

So, how do you use Shed? Pour a little into your hand (a quarter-sized amount should be plenty) and gently scrub your head and face. Rinse well, then shave with your normal routine. That's it. Enjoy the new you! 

For the next week we are discounting HeadShed $1, just $7.97 for a big 5oz bottle. We hope you'll give it a try and work it into your shaving routine!