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Product Feature: HeadWash

A few days ago we asked our Facebook faithful what they liked best about our HeadWash product, and got some great answers:

"I use it as a pre-shave on my head and face. Also, sometimes as a body wash. Smells great too!" – Vince C.

"It's my only 'shampoo' seeing that I never have any hair!" – Ben S.

"Makes for a great beard wash! Doesn't leave it all fluffy like a shampoo would." – Shannon C.

"Why did I not know this product exists?!" – Jeremy A.

Yikes! We're here to remedy that, Jeremy.


HeadWash is a mild cleansing soap made for the head, face and body. It's formulated with apple, cucumber and lemon extracts so it smells nice. Pleasant but not overbearing. Think of it as shampoo for those that don't need shampoo. 

HeadWash works great as a pre-shave along with HeadShed. We like to use it on days we don't shave (yes, it happens from time to time…shhhh!).  Also works as a post-shave cleanser, body, face or beard wash.

We tossed HeadWash into our Clearance section when we switched bottle designs last year. It has NOT been discontinued, we just have a good quantity on hand (scientifically known as a metric butt-ton) and think the bottle looks better on its own.  

Just $4.99 for an 8oz bottle. Stock up and enjoy the freshness!