Should Have Done It 20 Years Ago

For quite some time I had wanted to shave my head but due to the job I had the sudden drastic change to my physical appearance could have actually caused some issues.

I September of 2010 I lost my job when I broke my foot and needed 6 weeks off since I could not work in a kitchen with a cast on.

During my time off I kept thinking of how I have wanted to shave my head. Finally about a month later on 10/28/2010 I finally made the decision to do it and then got the guts TO do it.

I got my beard trimmer out, made sure it was charged well enough, looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, tooth a deep breath and went for it.

I decided the first strip of hair should come off of the center of my head. That way there is no turning back. If I had shaved the first strip off of the side I could have at least evened out the other side but there is no hair style that looks good with a bald stripe right down the center.

As I raised the trimmer to my head my hand shook uncontrollably. I took it away and it stopped. It was almost as though I was calm and ready something in my head and hand were saying" Are you crazy?!".

I took the trimmer to my head again and started the stripe down the center and for the first three or four passes my hand shook but I carried on anyway knowing the trimmers wouldn't cut me.

Once I finished shaving my head with the trimmers I started in with the final close shave with my 1940s safety razor and and shaving cream. I did a lot better than I thought I would. I ended up with a few scrapes, one minor cut and razor burn by the time I was done.

I wasn't sure if I liked it or not yet but I cleaned up and went outside into the cool nights soft breeze and that was when I realized this was one of the best decisions I had made in years.

Once I was done enjoying that breeze on my freshly shaved head I went back inside and sat down at my desk and remembered there was a razor I saw a long time ago that was made for shaving the head. I went to Google and within a matter of seconds found and sure enough that was the razor I was thinking of.

I ordered their classic razor, some samples of Headslick, Clearhead and Headshed and Headlubes. Then, I went onto Facebook and joined their Facebook group and introduced myself.

While I waited to my package to arrive from Headblade I did let my hair start to grow again because one, I wanted the tiny cut and the scrapes to heal, and two, I wanted to be ready to use it the day it came in. This didn't work. I ended up shaving it because I hated the stubble look and then later that day my package arrived.

At least I got to enjoy the stickers and other trinkets that were included.
I waited a couple days and then put the Headblade to the test and it worked just as awesomely as they said it would.

No cuts, scrapes, or razor burn. Just a smooth head.

I became a Headblade man right then and there 100%. After three or four shaves I began to experience the two to three minute shaves I had heard about. At first I was overly cautious since it was a new thing to me.

A little over a year later I am still going strong and still have not experienced razor burn, nicks, cuts or scrapes at all. Their products are great and their customer service is outstanding!

Name: Ray
City: Sacramento
State: Ca
Country: USA