Update! Promo Errors Fixed

UPDATE;   Our web company resolved all the issues with our holiday promos.  We appreciate your understanding.  Now please resume your regular scheduled day.  Thanks!  Todd and Team HeadBlade

We all know “Murphy’s Law” and, unfortunately we’ve been struck by it with our holiday promotions.  Our web ‘tech’ company is working on it but essentially this is the issue;  some promo items are showing up in the carts with a price and others are showing up when they should not.  Rest assured we are MANUALLY crediting invoices that are charging for the promo items and we are double-checking all promo items to make sure you get what you ‘should receive.’

The promos are as following:

  • Purchase between $20 and $30 and receive our new Aveline womens’ razor.
  • Purchase between $30 and $50 and receive a free Groomster.
  • Purchase about $50 and get BOTH items free plus FREE SHIPPING.

Granted, some orders may slip out and be incorrect.  When you get your order if you have any issues, please give us a call; we’ll make it right. We’re a small four person company dedicated to headshaving and the support of our customers over the past 19 years means the world to us.

Again, we apologize for the issue…..but want to keep the promo available during the holiday.   Thanks for your understanding.

Todd and Team HeadBlade