Weekly Contest: Sticker Pictures - HeadBlade

Weekly Contest: Sticker Pictures

We include a couple HeadBlade stickers in every web order. It’s a small ‘thank you’ for shaving your head with our products. Over the years, people have sent in some pretty cool sticker pictures. Refrigerators, tool boxes, car windows, road bikes, the back of a friend’s t-shirt, etc.  Now you can win cool stuff just by posting a picture. Simple, right? 
Here’s the deal: 

  1. ‘Like’ the HeadBlade Facebook page
  2. Slap a sticker somewhere (or find an existing sticker)**
  3. Snap a picture
  4. Post it to the HeadBlade Facebook page
  5. Every Friday, we’ll tally up the picture with the most ‘likes’/thumbs up
  6. Winner will get a mystery prize pack – one winner per week

**DISCLAIMER: Use common sense. Don’t deface/vandalize any public property. If Jessica Alba can get in trouble, so can you.

Hong Kong sticker
Street in Hong Kong (2011)