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Why do so Many Professional Basketball Players Shave their Heads?

For decades, basketball’s greatest legends have sported a shaved head. Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Charles Barkley all preferred a bald scalp, to name a few. And those who don’t go completely bald usually keep it close-cropped. What exactly is the reason behind the adopted hairstyle?  

Keep it cool

Basketball is an intense, high-impact sport, especially at the professional level. During a 48-minute game, a player may run across the court hundreds of times at high speed. With all this exertion, body temperatures can start to heat up. And because the head is a primary source of heat loss, it’s only logical that a head without hair will help regulate a player’s body temperature as they are undergoing intense physical activity. Aside from staying cool, sweat doesn’t collect on a bald head in the same way it does on ahead with hair. 


Playing any sport at a professional level is bound to be stressful. Being the best at what you do is a huge weight to carry. Pair the high stakes pressure with high physical demands and a busy travel schedule that requires players to spend half of their year away from home. It stands to reason that athletes may start to show physical manifestations of their intense environment. Aside from genetics, stress is a common cause of baldness. Due to an increasingly patchy scalp, players may choose to shave their heads completely. To make their lives a little easier, a shaved head is easy to maintain on the road with a great razor and some HeadSlick Shave Cream.


The most likely reason professional players keep a tight crop is because it’s a sharp, simple look and never goes out of style. These men have a million things to worry about, and their hair shouldn’t be on that list. To make things even easier, everything you need to take care of a shaved head can be found in this fully loaded Dopp kit to make things even easier. By choosing a shaved head, these pros stay looking great while reaching the top of their game.