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How To Stop Bleeding From A Head Shaving Cut

Regardless of your experience or skill level, there is a chance you may slip up and nick yourself while shaving your head specially if you are not using a properly lubricated blade made for head shaving. There are many reasons why you could cut yourself: an ingrown hair, a small bump, or simply by moving the razor too rapidly. No one wants to go out into the world with a bleeding gash, so the best way to stop your cut from bleeding is to follow some basic tricks and tips.

Don’t Use the Bathroom Tissues

There are many other ways to stop bleeding than using bits of tissues or toilet paper that stick to your skin. These 5 other home remedies will treat wounds faster.

  • Ice Cubes: The cold of ice shrinks blood vessels. Applying an ice cube to your face with enabling clots to form quickly.
  • Eye Drops: Products that help alleviate redness, such as Visine (for your eyes) constricts blood vessels, thus reducing bleeding.
  • Deodorant: The ingredient known as aluminum chloride found in most deodorants not only shrinks sweat glands but constricts blood vessels as well.
  • Mouthwash: Tissues contract with alcohol. The alcohol found in mouthwash acts as an astringent and brings a stop to bleeding.
  • Lip Balm: The thick consistency of lip balm acts as an adhesive and seals blood from gushing. Lip balm also can act as a healer and prevent scabbing.

Disinfect and Heal

There is a proper way to heal your nicks from shaving. Follow these guidelines to make sure your cuts are properly taken care of and heal properly.

  1. Clean the cut with warm water. Press a warm compress against the cut for about 30 seconds. This does an initial clean of the cut and slows down blood flow.
  2. Use a toner or alcohol-free toner aftershave to disinfect.
  3. Use ice to constrict blood vessels.
  4. Apply lip balm to ask act as a seal and stop blood completely.
  5. Use a bump treatment such as Clearhead Bump Treatment to prevent ingrown hairs and keep skin clean.
  6. Apply a lotion such as HeadLube Glossy to keep your skin moisturized.