No Red Heads This Summer!

No offense to Julianne Moore or Isla Fisher… we’re talking about the sunburned kind of red. Ask anyone with a shaved head about their worst fears. A sunburned dome will likely be high on the list.  Burning and peeling is painful anywhere, but the cranium seems to hurt more than other spots.  And the long term affects of sun damage are no fun. So heed mom’s advice, and take the proper precautions.

To avoid the a red head this summer, make sure to properly cover up or use a sunblock with SPF if you’ll be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.  If you need supplies, the Sun Protection Kit that has you covered.  Comes with your choice of HeadBlade hat, an 8 oz bottle of HeadLube SPF 30 lotion, and a FREE HeadShade SPF 15 oil-free spray. Click the image below for more info.

protect your head