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Sun Damage

It’s that time of year again: sun’s out, buns out! More like “Sun’s out, BURNS out!” The scorching heat and the bright clear skies may tempt you to visit the beach. Here’s some information to consider before you break out those boardshorts.

We’re familiar with the term UV rays, but what are they, really?

Ultraviolet radiation is natural energy that comes from our sun and we cannot see it with our naked eye. Although the short wavelengths don’t reach our eyes, we can feel them. It is broken down into two main types:

UVA and UVB.

Some of the key differences between between A & B:

UVA radiation is everywhere all the time! This is the energy that makes up 95% of the sun’s radiation that hits our Earth. However, it is less intense than UVB rays. As the A rays are used in tanning beds to kiss the top layer of your skin, B rays penetrate deep into your skin and cause damage. Both cause sun damage over long periods of exposure. Even sitting in your car or next to a window will invite UVA rays onto your skin.

HeadLube SPF50At least glass can be treated to filter out the UVB rays. Don’t be fooled when the seasons turn to grey, both rays are ever present and will do long term damage if not addressed.

For the longest time, sunscreen manufacturers only considered the UVB rays in their SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Fortunately, continuous research led to the realization that UVA rays are just as dangerous and speeds up the process of ageing the skin. This led to modern manufacturers to create the Broad Spectrum sunscreens that we now depend on!

Being bald or going bald puts you at risk of burning your dome; or even worse, skin cancer. The scalp is the highest point on our bodies and totally vulnerable to the sun, unlike the rest of our clothed bodies. Thankfully, our HeadLube is formulated to cover both UVA and UVB rays in a non-greasy, matte lotion. This broad spectrum cream comes in SPF50 for added protection as well as a thicker consistency to better coat your head. Slap it on before you leave the house and reapply every couple hours. Go to the beach and swim without a care for up to 80 minutes! Now you don’t need to be the guy in a hat all summer.