Moto HeadCase (no razor)

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Designed to fit the following HeadBlade models:
• Sport
• S4 Razors


Moto HeadCase (no razor)

My dad always said "When you go out in the rain always wear a rain coat." This can be loosely interpreted as, "If you own a HeadBlade you should probably have a HeadCase for travel." For years we've sold the nice soft padded TravelShell which is great for home and on the go; but it really works best when not under pressure. Kind of like your friend in College who did not do well on tests. This new very durable plastic case holds ONLY the HeadBlade unit and attached blade, so there is no room for freeloaders. The HeadCase is designed to work with the following HeadBlade models: MOTO, Sport, ATX, S4 Eclipse, S4 Lunar Eclipse. It does not work with the Shark or Classic. Sorry about that.

Includes: 1 Moto HeadCase Travel Shell. Razor sold separately.