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By choosing icebreaker you’re helping us all to live a more balanced, sustainable and healthier life. So thank you for choosing and wearing HeadBlade. We’re pleased to invite you to join our extended family and our movement towards natural.

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As a member of the nature.rewards family, you’ll unlock exclusive rewards, including free shipping, product previews and events.



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Purchase of full-priced items



When participate in our annual survey

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2,000 points

Wayfinding, navigating or seeking out your true north? icebreaker was born to help people discover and connect with themselves and nature, more than ever before. So, whatever your adventure, turn to nature to provide the solutions. Discover how to earn points and grow your HeadBlade profile.


5,000 points

icebreaker Adventurer marks the next step in your journey as a true natural explorer. We’ll reward your sense of adventure with products and experiences that are designed to put you where you most want to be – out there in the thick of your adventures and up close and personal with nature.


10,000 points

As an icebreaker Natural, you’ve reached the high point of your rewards journey. You’re in complete connection with yourself and your adventures – tuned in to the max! We’ll reward your curiosity and restless determination to seek and discover those wild adventures, with the top tier of our exclusive rewards and offers.

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