Introducing HeadBlade® Starter Kit

We realized over 20 years ago that us head shavers needed products specifically designed for us, so we started HeadBlade®. Luckily for you, you don't have to start your own company to get an incredibly close, fast head shave. We've made it easy to get started with the HeadBlade® Starter Kit.

The HeadBlade® Starter Kit
Only $32.99

This custom pack comes with one patented MOTO razor, one HB4 razor blade refill pack, and one 5 oz bottle of our award-winning HeadSlick Shave Cream.

How to Use Your HeadBlade®


Once you put the HeadBlade on, ensure the ball (Moto) or the wheels of ATX are facing forward. Don't forget to use some HeadSlick shaving cream for the closest shave.


With the ball in the front, set the HeadBlade on your head. Test the suspension and pivoting head to ensure you get the right pressure and angle.


Pull the HeadBlade from back to front. Apply pressure comfortably to allow the blade to contour to your head. Also use your HeadBlade on your face and/or body.

The best razor for shaving your head

This razor is the safest razor I found by far for giving you a clean close shave of your head. Paired with the head blade and shaving cream it’s the perfect combination.

Top notch! Works great

I’ve shaved my head for years. The Headblade is by far the best product out there for bald guys. Don’t waste your money on an expensive electric shaver.

Best Head Razor... Period..!!!

I’ve been using HeadBlade for almost 15 years. The newest version the Moto is by far the best that has come out. Shaving my head is effortless, close, and totally smooth. While sometimes I’ll use a double edge razor, I find the Moto actually gets closer. Typically using the Moto, my entire head is smooth in 10 minutes. I totally recommend this product for its cost as well as performance. Enjoy your shaves !