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Embrace Your Hair-Loss

Hair-loss can be a distressing and unnerving process for many. Hair-loss is most common in men. When a man goes bald, it means they experience excessive hair loss from the scalp. The most common cause of baldness is hereditary. Hereditary hair loss is not preventable. In addition, medications and supplements taken for cardiovascular issues, depression, arthritis, cancer, and blood pressure can also trigger hair loss.

Don’t let your baldness run its course…. don’t cling to the small amount of hair you have left. Having patchy bald spots, a receding hairline, or thinning hair is not a handsome look. Although there are some medications that can delay hair thinning, treatments only work for so long.

Embrace Your New Look

Take the plunge and go bald. Using a razor that will give you extra smoothness and leave little room for nicks and cuts. Headblade razors use dual-active suspension technology, that allows the razor to pivot up and down and follow the contour of the scalp. The new HeadBlade MOTO, now incorporates a fully rotational ball for added maneuverability, bringing head-shaving to a new level.

Once you take the leap and shave your head, following up with pate-enhancing products can help preserve your scalp. A bald head can still become dry and flakey, so keeping your head moisturized is important. Headblade’s HeadLube glossy moisturizing lotion can help maintain your suppleness.

So many of the most famously sexy men are follicularly challenged. If you are confident with your style, embrace your look, and keep up with your grooming techniques.