FedEx SmartPost

We’re always trying to deliver products to our customers in the most cost efficient and expedited manner possible.  And we want you to have options for getting HeadBlade products delivered straight to your door.  We’re now excited to add FedEx’s newest offering “SmartPost” which is a joint venture between FedEx and USPS.  Essentially you’ll be getting FedEx shipping with USPS delivery to your door at a discount!

This blog will give you a rundown of all our of discount pricing options along with a comparison on the new offering to show ‘real world’ savings by using FedEx SmartPost!

First off, all of our shipping options are weight based, so the more creams you add to your cart, the more expensive the shipping.  To combat that we have created Shave Plans that give you FREE shipping with any repeat blade purchase.  In those shipments you can also include creams and other items and enjoy the same 100% discount. You just need to be on a 30/60/90 day replenishment schedule.  These are automated and can be cancelled at any time.

The second way we’ve made shipping FREE is by allowing any US/domestic purchase over $50 to qualify for FREE FedEx Home Delivery.  If you want to purchase once or twice a year, just make sure your basket (without tax) is over $50, you’ll get FREE shipping.

For those of you who have an Amazon Prime account, we understand the advantages of using this service.  If you do order from Amazon, please keep in mind our APPROVED Amazon partners; Etailz and MetaRetail.  You may see other HeadBlade items offered by various suppliers.  We strongly recommend you only on purchase on Amazon through our store or Etailz and Meta.  Amazon Prime offers FREE 2-Day shipping on Prime orders.

The newest, discounted, option on, as I mentioned above, is FedEx’s new SmartPost.  Here are a few scenarios which show actual ‘purchases’ and the shipping options.

We took a MOTO Kit and added it to the basket.  Then we decided to pick one city in each corner of the country; Maine, Seattle, California, and Miami, and compare rates.  They are below.  In most cases you will see a $2 discount with the new method.  Every penny counts!  Please note in this example there is a FREE bottle of SPF which adds weight (and postage) to the shipment.  If you didn’t want the free SPF you can remove it from the basket and the shipping cost will go down further!

Happy HeadBlading!