MOTO HeadCase

Since its introduction online last November, and in all Walgreens stores in February, the new HeadBlade MOTO has become the new standard in headshaving.

Not only has it found commercial success, it has already won a prestigious Red Dot Award 2017 out of Germany.  This international competition had over 5,400 entries from 55 countries and less than 250 products received awards.

For our previous HeadBlades we produced a nice hard travel shell called the HeadCase. For the motocross inspired MOTO Razor we felt the urge to create something even more special; the MOTO HeadCase.

This new HeadCase is designed after a real helmet.  We didn’t want to mess it up with print, or anything that would give away its contents, or that it even had any contents.  We want people to wonder why you have a cool tiny helmet in your dobb kit (or on your shelf).  This case only fits the MOTO and only does one thing; keep it safe in event of an accident.  $6.95 is a small price to pay to keep your razor safe and your head nick-free!!  Get yours today at!