From 20 Mins A Morning To 5!!! - HeadBlade

From 20 Mins A Morning To 5!!!

I have been shaving my head now for about 2 months, and normally I shave it at least once a year in the summer time. What a pain it used to be! I shave against the grain, so it was common for me to get nix and cuts as I shaved the sides or around towards my crown. The backside would be a circus act all in itself as I would hold a small mirror in one hand and look at my head in the mirror on the wall. Inevitably, there would be a patch that I would miss that wouldn't be quite smooth, and being OCD this would drive me crazy. Over and over I'd try to get it right. Just to shave my head (not including my face) was a 20 minute job in general.

Today, after a suggestion from a friend, I tried the HeadBlade for the first time. In about 5, maybe 7 minutes, I had my whole head shaved, including the backside, and I didn't even need a 2nd mirror to do so! I am thrilled that such a product has come out, and I am already a devoted fan! My whole head is smooth, and trust me, I checked all over to make sure. On top of this, I had no nix or cuts, and the blade didn't not reopen previous hard to squelch nix I have on my head. Thank you so much!!!

Name: Thomas Hughes
City: Owensboro
State: KY
Country: United States