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HeadBlade: My Hero

I came to the realization at a young age that the hair I loved would one day hate my face and choose to run completely away from it! I tried for years to deny the fact that I was going bald. Its not easy entering your 20's and being mistaken for someone 10 years older. Finally one day while at work, a co-worker of mine who had given up on faking that he wasn't losing his hair, looked me in the eyes and said, "Stop lying to yourself. Its gone and its not coming back."

From that point on I decided to face my reality and start shaving my head. For close to 4 years I used a standard 3 to 4 blade razor, having to double and triple check my work to make sure I wouldn't get the nickname "Patches". Finally one day while surfing the life sucking machine that is Facebook, I saw an add on the side for HeadBlade. I ignored it at first, not really giving it much thought. Then while browsing YouTube one afternoon a related video "How to use your HeadBlade Sport" popped up and I couldn't help but think it must be a sign. I watched video and was taken back. I must have one of these Hot Wheels inspired shavers, I must become and elite member of this head shaving fraternity.

After carefully researching the website I found a local spot where I could purchase a razor and accessories and also ordered some HeadLube Glossy while I was at it. I rushed to the store, picked up my new shaving companion and hurried home to try it out. The first shave wasn't the easiest based on past practice (putting pressure on the blades to get a closer shave) and I ended up with more cuts and blood than I had hair before hand. In the months since I have become quite the pro at using my HeadBlade and have cut my time down to mere minutes.

I suggest your product to anyone and everyone in the same prediciment I found myself so many years ago. I also find myself asking other head shavers if they are HeadBladers, and if not where and how to jump on the bandwagon. I am also an avid supporter via my truck which sports the 2 stickers I recieved with my order of HeadLube! I think HeadBlade is not only a great customer-first company, but one of if not the best persona hygiene products I have ever used. Proud HeadBlader for life!!

Name: Bryan 
State: New Jersey
Country: United States