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HeadBlade In Canada

Thanks for visiting HeadBlade.

As you may know, Headblade.ca recently closed and we are working on the best possible ways to deliver HeadBlade products to our great customers in Canada. With that in mind, we expect to have Amazon.ca up and running within the next 3 weeks.

In the meantime, you can order from us directly at HeadBlade.com, but with the following:

  1. The orders will be shipping from San Diego, CA USA, and shipping costs will be reflected accordingly.
  2. For orders under $40 CAD, your order would NOT be subject to HST (local/federal sales taxes) and duties.
  3. For orders between $40 and $150 CAD, your orders should only be subject to applicable HST, but not duties.
  4. And for orders over $150, your order may incur both duties and HST taxes depending on the item and location you are in.

To minimize shipping costs, and to provide the best delivery service, we recommend using FedEx International Shipping.

Please note, you will be shopping in USD on HeadBlade.com.