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Hereditary Baldness

Male pattern baldness! Do you have hereditary baldness? Will you get it? These are a couple questions that every man considers in their life. Some of us may not even have a chance to ponder it as it can sneak up on us as early as our 20s. And about 80% of men will have MPB (aka hereditary pattern baldness) by the time we’re 80. The telltale signs of MPB are the receding hairline, thinning hair follicles, and a balding crown. Can we simply look at our fathers and assume we will inherit the same balding pattern? Or is the old wives’ tale true and it’s from your mother’s side of things?  

Genetics is definitely in play here as androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss. The hair loss is rooted in a male hormone called androgens. Despite it being a manly hormone, having too much of it results in thinning, shorter hair. It also prevents new hair from forming. So does that come from mom or dad? Both! MPB is actually a result of these factors: genetics, hormone levels, and the age group you’re in.  

The most common culprit for balding in the AR gene that is found in the X chromosome. Having both “X” and “Y” chromosomes is what makes us male and we inherit the “X” from our mothers. This is why we commonly associate MPB to our mother’s side. But there have been 63 genes found so far that we also attribute to hereditary balding and only 6 of these are found in the X chromosome. So look at everyone in your family, it’s a numbers game, so if most of the dudes in your family are balding, you will most likely bald as well regardless of which side they’re born on.

If you are concerned about slowing down the process, always consider the lifestyle you lead and if it’s a healthy one as diet and maintaining stress levels play a huge factor. Maybe transplants and laser therapies are not an option nor attractive to you. Have you considered being bold and bald? The stigma of balding men has changed immensely over the decades. Back then, balding was associated to ageing and thus considered an old person’s trait. Now it is a choice that you can make and it can make you look more intelligent and dominant and altogether sexier.  

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