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HeadBlade Review: The Gadgeteer

We love this review from Mark Rosengarten over at The Gadgeteer:

“Words cannot describe how much I detest my thin, sparse hair. […] So what do I do? I shave my head. This is not so easy to do by yourself and with a stick razor it’s fairly difficult.  I searched for a different way to shave my pate and found this little beauty. The HeadBlade ATX is a cross between an ATV and Zamboni, with a rubber finger loop at the top and sporty wheels that glide the contraption on your head. 

It’s possible to shave the head very quickly with this. The first time I tried it (this afternoon) it took my half the time it usually does. I will get faster as I get more used to this novel way of erasing my scalp.”

Welcome to the HeadBlade family Mark! It will only get easier (and faster) from here on out.  Be sure to check out the full review at The Gadgeteer.