MOTO Kit with HeadSlick 8oz


• Red Dot Design Award Winner 2017
• A'Design Award Winner 2018
• Contours the Curve of Your Scalp
• Very Close Shave W/O Tugging & Pulling
• Nonslip Ergonomic Design
• Designed for Head Shaving
• 4 Cartridges with Lubricating Strip
• 4 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
• HeadSlick Lathers Easily and Helps Raise Hair for a Close Shave






MOTO Kit with HeadSlick 8oz

The all new HeadBlade MOTO is the latest and greatest headshaving razor on the market! Utilizing HeadBlade's track proven record and patented suspension the MOTO incorporates a ball design that allows for dual-active suspension allowing for an even closer and easier shave experience.

This custom pack comes with one MOTO razor, one HB4 Refill Kit, and one bottle of our 8oz HeadSlick Shave Cream. It's the PERFECT gift for someone looking for the best headshave experience!!

The Moto Razor

✔ Free-rolling ball that allows the razor to glide around the ears and difficult to maneuver areas.

✔ Dual-Active Sport Suspension allows the razor handle to lean and pivot, like a motorcycle.

✔ A slim, sleek body for easy grip and non-slip control when shaving.

✔ Side vents for easy rinsing of the ball. No mess, no build up!

✔ The Moto Razor can be used on the face, body and legs as well.