MOTO Kit with HeadSlick 5oz

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• Red Dot Design Award Winner 2017
• A'Design Award Winner 2018
• Contours the Curve of Your Scalp
• Very Close Shave W/O Tugging & Pulling
• Nonslip Ergonomic Design
• Designed for Head Shaving
• 4 Cartridges with Lubricating Strip
• 4 Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
• HeadSlick Lathers Easily and Helps Raise Hair for a Close Shave






MOTO Kit with HeadSlick 5oz

The all-new HeadBlade MOTO is the latest and greatest headshaving razor on the market! Utilizing HeadBlade's track proven record and patented suspension the MOTO incorporates a ball design that allows for dual-active suspension allowing for an even closer and easier shave experience.

This custom pack comes with one MOTO razor, one HB4 Refill Kit, and one bottle of our 5 oz HeadSlick Shave Cream. It's the PERFECT gift for someone looking for the best headshave experience!!

MOTO Kit with HeadSlick 5oz - HeadBlade

The Moto Razor

✔ Free-rolling ball that allows the razor to glide around the ears and difficult to maneuver areas.

✔ Dual-Active Sport Suspension allows the razor handle to lean and pivot, like a motorcycle.

✔ A slim, sleek body for easy grip and non-slip control when shaving.

✔ Side vents for easy rinsing of the ball. No mess, no build up!

✔ The Moto Razor can be used on the face, body and legs as well.